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Our Services

The professional staff provide the following evidence-based holistic recovery support approaches and services:

Color Therapy
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Life Coaching
Law of Attraction
Visual Imagery
Laughter Therapy
Map of Emotions
Trauma support
Guided Meditation
STRIVE Motivational Recovery Model is the psycho-educational tool used to address recovery/support groups. Groups are facilitated by Certified Peer Specialist/Life Coaches.

Group facilitation is conducted at: hospitals, treatment centers, residential treatment facilities, behavioral health clinics and other related health organizations.
Reiki Treatment

STRIVE Motivational Recovery Model

The STRIVE Motivational Recovery Model (STRIVE) is designed to awaken participant’s consciousness to the needs of their own unique recovery process. The STRIVE model focuses on teaching participants how to shift negative feelings and energy associated with the anxiety of recovery to positive motivating energy. 

The STRIVE model provides the tools needed to develop a sense of self-empowerment in order to take charge of life and realize that a positive recovery is possible. STRIVE model provides thought provoking, motivational and interactive activities with psycho-educational lessons. Through the application of the STRIVE model participants will be guided to understand the importance of self-advocacy by taking active roles in their treatment planning. 

STRIVE model emphasizes group dynamics while introducing peer-to-peer support development as a tool to propel participants towards a productive and rewarding future.

A group of women talking
How is STRIVE Motivational Recovery Model delivered to participants

STRIVE model is delivered in a group setting led by a Life Coach/Certified Peer Specialist. Facilitator maintains a friendly, humorous environment during group sessions. Jokes and funny stories are shared by the facilitator. This allows a joyful and playful atmosphere and keeps participants alert and fully engaged. The STRIVE model is divided into 12 sessions.

STRIVE model uses a variety of interactive activities such as: role-play, Laughter Therapy, Color Therapy and games such as STRIVE’S version of “Price is Right” and “Wheel of Fortune”. 

STRIVE Motivation Inc. provides participants with prizes and give-a-ways as an expression of gratitude for actively participating. Participants receive certificates of completion upon conclusion of sessions.

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