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Law of Attraction


Workshop demonstrates how to use the power of the mind to manifest abundance in their life. 

Workshop is designed to uplift and inspire participants to take charge of their lives in order to live the care-free and stress-free life they have imagined. 

Workshop will focus on how to create and maintain positive thoughts in order to bring positive results into their life. 

Workshop will introduce the evidence-based practice of the “Law of Attraction.


Workshop explores the science of the powerful human Psyche’. 

Workshop will guide participants on how to create an action plan for manifesting goals.


Workshop will introduce stress reduction and meditation techniques. 

Length of workshop: 1 to 4 sessions, 1 hour per session 

Upon completion of sessions participants will receive a certificate of completion.

Workshops are available to the general public and can be presented in a group setting at the client's facility. 

*Law Of Attraction workshop is perfect for a company retreat*

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