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Mantis Paranormal Investigations

Mantis Paranormal Investigations is a program of STRIVE Motivation, Inc.




Research shows most phenomena can be scientifically explained due to mental illness and environmental factors BUT there is a percentage that can not be explained scientifically.

What do we do?

Here’s the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY...

WHO are we?
We are a team of Certified Paranormal Investigators with over 20 years experience in
paranormal investigation. Team consists of State Board Mental Health Professionals.
This background allows for an educational investigation into the human mind and
behaviors of individuals with claims of paranormal activity. Our team of investigators live
with a heightened sense of extrasensory perception and have had paranormal life

WHAT do our Investigators do to prove or disprove paranormal occurrences?

Investigators use high performance equipment: electromagnetic field sensor, thermal
camera, spirit box, digital voice box, field camera, infrared thermometer and more.

Investigators interview clients claiming paranormal activity and hauntings. Many times a
mental health assessment is facilitated with clients permission. Many paranormal cases
have been debunked due to mental illness.

An examination of the haunted dwelling is performed to rule out any natural earthly
disturbances that can be explained by scientific rules.

Finally research into the history of the haunted dwelling.

WHEN do we investigate?
We investigate after an extensive interview, mental health assessment and walk through
of the haunted dwelling is concluded.

WHERE do we investigate?
We investigate any physical site displaying unexplained activity.
Investigations are facilitated across America.

WHY do we do what we do?
Our job is to explain the unexplained.

Our goal is to assist individuals experiencing paranormal activity towards understanding
of the phenomena they are experiencing.

Image by Yaopey Yong

We do not use the term GHOST BUSTERS! We are not GHOST HUNTERS!

We are not theatrical!
We are serious Paranormal Scientific Investigators and Researchers.

Investigation Sites

Mantis Paranormal Research and Investigations is based in the birthplace of the United States, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia is one of the country’s oldest cities and is home to one of the most haunted places in our nation.

Our team has investigated several known haunted sites in the Philadelphia area.

  • Eastern State Penitentiary

  • Academy of music

  • Physick House

  • Pennsylvania Hospital

  • Betsy Ross House

  • Independence Hall

  • Washington Square

  • Laurel Hill Cemetery

  • Bishop White House

  • Elfreth's Alley

  • USS Olympia

  • Moshulu

  • Powel House

  • Pennhurst Asylum

Although we are based in Philadelphia, PA we investigate across the country.

Temple University, Paranormal Course

Dr. Fatima Abdul Johnson, DM, RM, LEHP, Ph.D. is the founder of Mantis Paranormal Research and Investigations.

Dr. Johnson teaches the paranormal course titled “PARANORMAL: REAL or NOT REAL” at Temple University.

Course is perfect for Paranormal Enthusiasts

For information and registration for course


Temple University, PASCEP at 215-204-1993

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