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Edward Myers Scholarship

Temple University

The Edward Myers Memorial Scholarship was founded by Dr. Fatima Abdul Johnson for Temple University’s Pan African Community Education Program. Since the conception of the Scholarship many students have had the opportunity to participate and benefit from attending classes under the Scholarship. 

Dr. Johnson teaches the course: STRIVE, The Psychology of Recovery, at Temple University’s main campus. 

Description: The course curriculum uses a combination of Philosophy and Metaphysics as an approach to address the psychological disharmony experienced by people of all lifestyles. Aspects of the causes of addiction are examined. Evidence-based and practice-based holistic wellness approaches are used as educational tools. 

The design of this course is to keep students fully engaged during the experience of the course. Class sessions start with an ice-breaker followed by a lecture. Lectured material will be processed with interactive activities. 

Upon completion of the course students receive a certificate from Temple University.

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